“Dr. Kelly was an amazing speaker.  She spoke to the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Not only did she change my way of thinking with each individual student, she also made me think about my role as a mom with my two daughters.  We all want ourselves to be great, our kids to be great, and our students to be great.  She has great insight of what to focus on so that each student can reach his or her potential.”  ~Kristen M.

“Your determination, drive and desire to lead and inspire others has prompted me to think about myself and my ultimate goal.”
~Julie V, 3rd grade teacher

“It was nice to hear some more about growth mindset and  to remember how we need to stay positive to make a difference in our students.”  ~Keynote Participant

“I really enjoyed the help changing our mindset and how to help kids find their GREATNESS.”  ~Keynote Participant

“[Dr. Daugherty] was an amazing speaker and focusing on mindset was what I needed – thank you Dr. Daugherty” 
~Hiram College Student

“Thanks for motivating us to keep positive!  You are right we can change children’s lives.”  ~Keynote Participant