“For the last 6 years, I have asked educators, “What is DI?” Today, I got a concrete answer.”  

“This presentation was very well done! I mastered PEMDAS too!”  Michelle, 5th grade teacher

“I love attending a PD that makes me excited to get back in the classroom!”   Melinda, HS English

“Many teachers have forgotten how to keep the classroom student centered. Dr. Kelly helped reignite a flame that had flickered out!”  Mallory, 9th grade English

“Dr. Kelly made learning fun & exciting! She challenged people’s thinking and broadened our understanding.”    Cindy, Principal

“I learned a new way to look at students; not just changing plans!”   Laney, Title I Reading

“Very helpful and needs to be talked about more!”  Brenda, Director, United Way Youngstown

“The example of storytelling was awesome to see and be a part of!”  Primary Level Teacher

“Great content with engaging leadership! Very useful.”  Cassandra, English Teacher

“If you are a true teacher, this DI program is what you believe in. This programs and strategies are designed to bring instant student motivation and engagement back into the classroom.”  Tamara M.

“This DI training gave us a TON of great strategies and activities that I can use on Monday!”

“I liked learning new ways to measure individual’s comprehension without grading papers! Way to go!” Teacher, Rice CISD

“…I was going to retire this year, tired of all the nonsense and students who don’t pay attention. This seminar has given me some great ideas to put into my lessons, I think I will be around a few more years. Thank you!”

“Great seminar! Very interactive and constantly changing during the day. Very engaging!”  Keely C.

“This was never boring and full of information and ideas to better reach and involve my students. It will motivate my students to learn and reach goals.”  Marilyn R.

“Great strategies to bring back into the classroom for the start of a new school year. Can’t wait to use them.”  Stacy D.

“Engaging, relevant and I never thought I would learn so much in a single day!”  Donna S.

Differentiated Instruction

Video Testimonials