Defining YOUR GREATNESS: A Leadership Model to Success


Have you ever lost sight of your purpose? Have you ever questioned your ability to engage and motivate your students, staff, colleagues, or YOURSELF? During a time when I was struggling with these very questions, this leadership model was created in order to define exactly what it meant to be GREAT!

Greatness is afforded to everyone no matter his or her age, gender, background, or level of education. Greatness is a gift that defines who we are. In order to fully comprehend the meaning, GREATNESS has been broken down into a step-by-step guide toward redefining one’s passion and purpose in life and leadership.

This leadership session will guide you in the direction towards shifting mindset and increasing efficacy, despite the obstacles that will inevitably get in the way. Through it all, it is important to know that our destiny is not defined by the circumstances or obstacles that are placed before us. Instead, our destiny is defined by the choices we make towards overcoming them.